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NJEA Convention Procedures

For teaching staff planning on attending this year’s NJEA Convention:

1.      If you are planning to attend the NJEA Convention on November 5, please fill out the attached NJEA Convention Notification Form and submit to your administrator.  IF YOU ARE NOT REQUESTING PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT FUNDS, THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT TO ATTEND THE CONVENTION.

2.     In support of the dedication of Newark Public Schools and the Newark Teachers Union in promoting professional development; this year, NTU members will be allowed to use Professional Improvement Funds to attend the Convention only if the individual plans to attend workshops at the Convention.   If you would like to apply for these funds, please read the below instructions and submit the attached PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT FUND application and related forms.

3.     For all who attend the Convention, you must bring back proof of attendance and submit to your administrator upon returning to school.


1.         No PIF funds will be made available to those NTU members who wish to attend the Exhibit floor only.

2.         PIF funds will be made available to those NTU members that purchase PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACCESS given the following criteria:

a.         NTU Members that purchase Professional Development Access are required to indicate on the PIF application the specific Professional Development sessions they will attend.

b.         The NTU member must attend a full day of workshops that would equate to a full day of Professional Development at their home school.

c.         The NTU member must submit a Justification of Need (ie an Impact/Use statement).

           i.          The Justification of Need must indicate what                impact this will have on their instructional practices or              how they intend to use it.

d.         The NTU member must submit evidence they purchased the necessary pass and that they attended the workshops indicated.

e.         The NTU member COULD turnkey that information to school/colleagues for additional PD credit.

f.          No funds will be used to cover room or board.

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