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Respect the Contract (Phase I) Toolkit


For this week’s update, we are focusing on the Respect the Contract (Phase I) initiative that will be starting next week.  We have posted on our website a variety of resources:

 1)      Our contracts!  Remember!  You work to your contract, no more, and no less.  If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, check the contract!

a.       Teacher/Clerk

b.      Aide/Per-Diem

c.       Memorandum of Understanding – October 2012

2)      Arbitration Award for Extra Compensation for Extra Time Worked – In 2012, an arbitrator mandated that when a staff member is being told they must do work at home, they MUST be compensated for that work. 

3)      RSVP To Mandates -  If your administrator attempts to give you additional “busy” work that can’t possibly be completed during the school day, use this template letter to remind them of your rights.

4)      Missing Prep Period Form - Use this when your administrator causes you to miss your prep period for whatever reason.

5)      Supplemental Time Report 

5)      Superintendent Cerf’s statement to the NJ Supreme Court viciously attacking tenure – If anyone still needs to know why we have to force this initative, show them what your boss had to say about teachers.  Despite the tremendous growths students and staff demonstrate, the State-Appointed Superintendent continues to try and find ways around tenure and seniority.  This is why it is so difficult to get a contract.  This is why so many veteran teachers have left Newark.

6) Respect the Contract Phase I Principles - Brief list of what activities are outside of our contract and SHOULD NOT be done.

In Solidarity,  

John  M.  Abeigon

President & Director of Organization

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Michael  Maillaro

Director of Research & Communication

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

Michael R. Iovino
Secretary Treasurer

Newark Teachers Union

Local 481 AFT, AFL-CIO

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