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NTU Updates

NTU Update - December 21, 2018


On behalf of the NTU Executive Board and Staff, we want to wish you all a restful Winter Recess.  It has already been a difficult year in many ways, and as always, our members wen above and beyond to meet those challenges.    Just a few quick updates:


Increase in Health Benefit Premiums

It was brought to our attention that Aetna has increased our health insurance premiums by 17.85%. We are meeting with NPS and the other union heads tomorrow to discuss this untimely increase further. It is important to note that this it wasn't a negotiated or negotiable change.   In fact, we warned the then state-operated school board and Superintendent about Aetna in 2016 (see below emails). Short term savings were promised, but as we said at the time, "we hesitate to trust any claim [being] made by the district [about this change]."


2012 Grievances and Contract Reopener Update

Upon recommendation from the Newark Teachers Union Negotiations Committee and with the support of the NTU Executive Board, it is my honor and privilege to present to you the Memorandum of Agreement that settles the 2013 Grievances which arose out of the 2012 contract.

NPS Email issues

It has been brought to our attention that in the last few weeks, bulk emails that we have sent to NPS email addresses are not always being received by members.  We are working with NPS on resolving this issue. 

We ask that if you are not receiving NTU communications, send an email from your personal email address to so we can make sure you are being kept informed.