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NTU Updates

NTU Update - November 16, 2015


1)      Lafayette Street School - The NTU has followed through in suing the administrative staff at Lafayette School personally.  NPS administrators can not be allowed to use Teach NJ and Achieve NJ as weapons to destroy the careers of hard-working decent professionals. 

2) December Membership Meetings – We are working on scheduling regional membership meetings before the Winter Break.   More information to come as soon as the dates and locations are finalized.


NTU Update - October 30, 2015

1)      NTUniversity – On Thursday, November 5, the NTU will be hosting an ALL-DAY Google Workshop at Technology High School as part of our new initiative of Teachers Teaching Teachers. The morning session will take teachers through all of Google's features from Gmail, Docs, Drive, creating Documents, Slides, etc. The afternoon session will take you through the use of Google Classroom including using Forms for quizzes and tests, grading etc.  There are ONLY 30 seats for this all day workshop and you need to pre-register by clicking on this link and reserving your seat.


NTU Update - October 23, 2015


1)      Advisory Board Meeting - With the community, we are asking for a massive “WALK IN” at Monday night’s Advisory Board meeting.  It is vital that we come out in force!  The meeting starts at 6 PM.  We want everyone there by 5:30 PM so we can walk in as one large body.


Newark Advisory Board Meeting

Monday, October 26, 2015 - 6:00 PM


NTU Update - October 9, 2015


1)      DYFS Update - It is October 6, 2015 and already numerous false allegations of child abuse have been made.  Please be adroitly aware that child abuse, child neglect and child lack of supervision charges are the stepping stone to discipline charges, terminations, increment denials and tenure charges.  We vigorously defend you when allegations are made, but it is imperative that as faculties talk amongst themselves of the serious consequences wrought by child abuse charges.  


NTU Update - September September 15, 2015


In the interest of keeping you informed, we would like to share this report with you:

On Tuesday morning, myself, Secretary/Treasurer Michael Iovino, Director of Communication Mike Maillaro and Staff Representative Michael Caputo had a productive meeting with Superintendent Cerf and his team regarding the Evaluation Framework.  It was evident that this will be an ongoing and robust discussion, however, we did have some concrete results: