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Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the entire United for Change slate and myself, I want to thank everyone who voted in this past Newark Teachers Union election of officers & made our victory a resounding success. Now it is incumbent upon all of us to fulfill our promise of revitalizing the Newark Teachers Union. 
Unions across the country and workers around the world are facing the greatest attack against our hard-won benefits since the 1920’s. Teachers and public workers in particular are feeling the pain and frustration and Wall Street has successfully turned many  workers and our neighbors

Born a Newark resident on August 25, 1947, Joseph Del Grosso was the President of the Newark Teachers Union, the largest local teachers union in the State of New Jersey, with over 5, 000 members, retiring June 30, 2015.

Joseph attended Essex Catholic High School in Newark, NJ and graduated in 1965. He then attended St. Leo's College in St. Leo City, Florida and graduated in 1969 with a B.A. in Political Science. He went on to attend Kean University where he completed his Elementary Certification in 1974.

Joseph Del Grosso began his teaching career with the Newark Board of Education in 1970 as an