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NTU Updates

NTU Update - October 14, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

1)    Respect the Contract Update – Reports of RTC success keep coming in; sadly, so do reminders of why we fight. At an NPS discipline hearing last week, a teacher was disciplined for coming in 10 minutes late (five 2 minute occurrences) while the district neglected to take into consideration that he had spent the last five years staying a half hour late each day assisting disadvantaged students.

He will not stay late any more.


NTU Update - October 7, 2016


1)       Respect the Contract: Attendance Counselors - Teachers, Aides and Clerks are NOT Attendance Counselors!! If the NPS wants Attendance Counselors then they should call them back to work. Schools have been asking staff to call parents any time their students are absent during their lunch or perp periods.  There isn't enough time in your day; instruction, prep periods, etc are NOT to be used to do someone else's job. Use the tools in our Respect the Contract toolkit to protect yourself!


NTU Update - September 22, 2016


1)      DYFS Update – Recently, an arbitrator put out a pretty shocking decision regarding a teacher allegedly bullying students.  Definitely something you should read and take to heart when dealing with students.

2)      NPS Advisory Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 27, 2016       6:00 PM

Elliott Street School


NTU Update - September 16, 2016


1) Respect the Contract – Yesterday, President Abeigon sent out a notice to all school staff about upcoming “contract actions.”   Please review that email.  More information will be coming after Monday’s Building Rep Meeting.

2) Election Day - We have been receiving numerous calls regarding this coming presidential election day, Tuesday, Nov 8th. Here is the law regarding that day:


NTU Update - June 3, 2016



1)    Negotiations Update – On June 2, the Negotiations Committee presented a confidential draft of our contract proposals to the NTU Executive Board for review and discussion.  The reaction to the committee's proposals by the Executive Board was overwhelmingly positive.  Our Negotiations Committee will be meeting one last time to make final edits suggested by the Executive Board before our first negotiations session with the NPS team on June 15. 



NTU Update - May 20, 2016


 1)   Contract Update – We finally have negotiations dates!   Our negotiation team will be meeting with NPS’s team on June 10, 15, and 16 to present our proposals and to see what proposals NPS has for us.  This is YOUR LAST CHANCE to do the NTU contract survey.  Our negotiations team will be meeting one last time to finalize our proposals on May 24 and to present them to the Executive Board.


NTU Update - May 13, 2016


1)    Layoffs -  The NTU met with the district this week to discuss layoffs.  In the district’s initial plan (which has not yet been approved by Civil Service), they will be looking to layoff 23 NTU members in the following positions: 

·       Keyboarding Clerk 1 – 10

·       Keyboarding Clerk 2 – 7

·       Keyboarding Clerk 2 Bilingual - 2

·       Keyboarding Clerk 3 – 4


NTU Update - April 22, 2016



Come out and wear your school colors!

George W. Carver Elementary School

333 Clinton Pl,

Newark, NJ 07112

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

✓ Cerf needs to start negotiating and stop dictating

✓ Get the lead out

✓ Hands off our Fringe Benefits Fund