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NTU Updates

NPS Email issues

It has been brought to our attention that in the last few weeks, bulk emails that we have sent to NPS email addresses are not always being received by members.  We are working with NPS on resolving this issue. 

We ask that if you are not receiving NTU communications, send an email from your personal email address to so we can make sure you are being kept informed. 


NTU Holiday Food Drive

Many of our students and their families need some extra help this holiday season.  The NTU is partnering with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to ensure everyone has a great holiday season this year. 


NJEA Convention forms and procedures


Remember!  Under state law, if you choose to attend the NJEA convention on November 8, you have the right to do so without having to take a sick or personal day.  The NTU has worked with the NPS to ensure that the process to attend the NJEA convention would be as simple as possible.  For those looking to attend, there is a simple one page form to complete.  


Upcoming Prudental Center Events

Prudential Center: Through our community partnerships, we have been talking to the Prudential Center about some upcoming events that our members may be interested in.   We would be able to get discounted tickets for these shows, typically at least $10 off face value. We need to give them some sense of how many tickets to set aside, so please let us know if you would be interested in these upcoming events.