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1) Covid updates

2) Pay date reminder


4) Hispanic Heritage Month

And more!


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Message from Dr. Mary Ann Reilly

Dear Teachers and Staff,

The last week has been humbling. Tuesday and the days following found me, like all of central office, spending mornings at one of our schools and in my case delivering young, crying children to their classrooms. Without exception, those occasions ended with the teacher receiving the child with care, love, and a plan. I watched as teachers greeted children by name, and had ready a space in the room and a fun task to do. Within minutes, the once sobbing child was quiet and engaged in the work. This happened repeatedly.

I hope you make space


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IMPORTANT!  Next week's issue is going to be a Contract Spotlight issue.  Please send pictures of you and your colleagues with the NTU contract book and we will feature you!

In This Issue:

1) Membership Packets

2) Understanding Longevity

3) Pet Insurance

And Much More!


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In This Issue:

1) President's Report 

2) Labor Day FAQ's

3) Employee Assistance Program

and more!


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1) Welcome Back!

2) Sept 3 FAQ's

3) Pay Schedule

4) Union Plus Benefits

5) Employee Assistance Program