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In This Issue:

1) I don't believe in this grant

2) NTU Membership


4) Loan Forgiveness

5) Observations



We have had a lot of questions about today's 9 day check, so I am resend this email we sent out on June 14:


In today's Teacher Talk, the district sent out a revised pay schedule. 

As we mentioned in last week's NTU Update, we had some concerns about the initial version of the 10 month calendar pay schedule. 

The solution they have put together advances our staff an immediate 4 day check on the

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Message from Superintendent León and Deputy Superintendent Johnson

Dear Teachers and Staff,
It is critical to remember that this year is like no other year before. The 9th grader that stands before you asking for your help has not had a normal school year since he was in 6th grade. The second grader that reaches for your hand in support has not had a normal year since she was in Pre-Kindergarten. Over the past two years, some of our students have only been in classrooms for a total of 9 months, while others had not seen the inside of a school building since March


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In this Issue:


2) Class Coverage

3) Social And Emotional Learning

4) The Relaunch of AFT's Share My Lesson



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1) Importance of communication

2) Keeping a log

3) Payroll Updates

4) Open Enrollment

And more!

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Message from Dr. Mary Ann Reilly

Dear Teachers and Staff, 
All day, I kept returning to a sentence from the new Richard Powers’ novel, Bewilderment. The narrator, Theo Byrne, an astrobiologist, says: 
Watching medicine fail my child, I developed a crackpot theory: Life is something we need to stop correcting. 
I don’t know why that sentence resonated, but I think it has something to do with the tenuousness of living 18-months during a pandemic and how sustained stress worries a body, a kind of erosion of the spirit. There is a grace though that comes from simply


This issue of the NTU Update is our first Contract Special Edition 

In This issue:

1) Prep Periods

2) Work Day

3) Sick and Personal Day

4) High School Scheduling