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MEMBERSHIP MEETING!  In this week's NTU Update, you will see a flyer for our upcoming NTU Contract Meetings for October 14 and October 28.  In order to make sure every segment of the members gets to bring their individual issues forward, we are scheduling four sessions, each focusing on a different group of NTU Members.   At these sessions, we will be discussing the results of our earlier surveys and meetings, and laying out some of the next steps for contract negotiations.  
Please sign up ONLY for the session that best reflects their title.  Thank you!

In This Issue:

1) Meet our Negotiations Team!

2) What is the something better we can all have?

3) IPDP's


5) General Counsel Update

6) Member of the Week

7) Self-Care Workshops

and more!


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In This Issue!

1) Complication Corrections

2) Welcome back!

3) General Counsel Update

4) Navigating MBOS

5) Member of the Week



Click here for this week's update!

Important notes:

1) As of press time, it seemed like staff have not received their steps/increments for the 2023-2024 school year.    As soon as we have more information, we will make sure to get it out.

2) As per the calendar, next Friday - "September 1 is not a work day for 10-month NTU Members."