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In This Issue:

1) Happy Thanksgiving!

2) Member of the Week

3) PowerSchool PD @ NTU

4) NTU Hall of Fame/Scholarships

5) AFT Student Debt Assistance



Message from Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

Thanksgiving offers all of us a time to gather, pause, reflect, and name what we are thankful for. From all of us here in Teaching and Learning, please know that we are grateful for the many ways you serve and educate our students and their families. Your presence in our students’ lives gives direction, knowledge, dignity, grace, and hope. Thank you.

We wish you and those you love a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Dr. Reilly and the Office of Teaching and Learning


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In This issue:

1) Did you register for your free NTU T-Shirt?

2) No Paper towels until December??? Not on our watch!

3) It's our honor to serve

4) Member of the Week

5) Benefits Open Enrollment ends November 20th!

6) Loan Forgiveness



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Editors' Note: There will not be an issue of the NTU Update next week because of the shortened week.

In This Issue:

1) Newark kids are failing. Why take droves of school officials to a luxury hotel?

2) Nothing Free from Me!

3) RSVP to Mandates

4) NTU Member of the Week

5) Wear Blue Pictures

6) Open Enrollment Update



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