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Message From the Superintendent

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

In collaboration with the City of Newark, the district is participating in the National School Day of Non-Violence and Peace on Monday, January 30, 2023. This LINK contains a list of activities that you may select from as you prepare for January 30th. However, if you decide to create your own activity, it must be approved by your principal and/or direct supervisor. We would love to read what you planned by submitting it HERE. It is the expectation that all students participate in an activity


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In This Issue:

1) Paraprofessional to Teacher Pipeline

2) You are more than a score!

3) NTU Member of the Week

4) Union Plus - Education

5) Scholarship opportunities


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Message From Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Staff,

Superintendent León envisioned a system of experiences for each child that extended learning. The goal of these extended classroom experiences is for students to deepen learning. Three extended classroom experiences for all students have been designed. You are the bridge between the learning in the classroom and the field. The matrix that outlines these experiences by grade level can be found here.

Upcoming Event: 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

Deputy Superintendent Johnson is excited to share that she will be hosting the second annual


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In This Issue

1) Stop the mental health stigma for black women!

2) Wellness - Noom'

3) NTU Member of the Week

4) LAST CHANCE - Disney on Ice Tickets

5) Union Plus - Health

6) Looking at your paycheck - What Changes in January

7) NTU Scholarship application

And More!

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The Prudential Center has sent us a discount code for this weekend's Disney on. When you go to the below links, you need to click on “Unlock” and enter the code NTU481 to unlock these seats.


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In this issue:

1) Wellness in the New Year

2) Midyear Evaluation

3) Free PD Opportunities

4) NTU Member of the Week

5) Aetna wellness programs

6) Union Plus Benefits

7) Monster Jam tickets

And More!

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