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NTU Updates

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In This Issue!

  • NTU Contract Update
  • NTU Legal Update
  • Update on Calendar Books
  • FSA Workshop


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In this issue:

1) EWA Update

2) Flexible Spending Account

3) NTU wins arbitration award decision!

4) Membership Meeting to kick off 2018 Contract campaign



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In this week's issue:

1) Welcome Back Letter

2) Why "Member's only?"

3) NPS Paydates

4) Important Dates

And Much More!!


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NTU Summer Hours:

The Newark Teachers Union will be open all summer from 9 AM to 1 PM schedule.  The Union office will be closed on July 3 and July 4 for the Independence Day holiday. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at anytime at

Stipend Payments Stipends for staff who signed EWA’s were supposed to have gone out today.  If there is a problem with your stipend, make sure you submit an Employee Inquiry Form with NPS immediately!

End of the Year Evaluations – If you disagree with your Annual Evaluation


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NTU Executive Board meets with new Superintendent!

For the first time in over two decades in Newark we have an officially elected Superintendent of Schools.  There can be no greater demonstration that the vestiges of State Control are soon gone than having the district led by someone that was born in Newark, went to Newark Public Schools, was a substitute teacher in Newark Public Schools, became a teacher, a principal an administrator, in the Newark Public Schools.  

Superintendent Roger Leon took time out of his busy schedule to meet with the NTU


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Hall of Fame Dinner – The NTU has put together a special edition of the NTU Bulletin focused on the 2018 Hall of Fame Dinner. Click here.   You can also find many more pictures on NTU’s Facebook page.

NTU Legal Update - IMPORTANT!  The state has recently passed a bill that ensures that any ALLEGATION of child abuse will follow someone’s career when they look to apply elsewhere.  Every week we remind you how important it is to protect yourself.  Now your future employment in other Districts can be destroyed if child abuse, neglect or inappropriate sexual


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Welcome to our New Superintendent!  On Tuesday, The Newark Board of Education unanimously picked Roger Leon as the Newark Public Schools Superintendent to lead our district as we continue to move towards local control.

For those of us that have survived the oppressive reign of the state's last two superintendents, this vote came as a blessing. Two sons of Newark, Roger Leon and Robert Gregory, were the only candidates with any real chance, so to us, in the NTU, we faced a win-win situation. We wish Robert Gregory nothing but success in whatever role he


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NTU Hall of Fame Dinner:  This year’s Hall of Fame Dinner was a huge success! We provided 14 students with scholarships and Honored 12 NTU members, and we presented our first ever Legacy Award to former NTU Sec/Treasurer Christine “Roz” Samuels.

Next week, we will have more pictures, but please visit the link above to see the album on our Facebook page (please tag yourself & share). Our scholarship program depends on your support and that of our sponsors. Thank you very much for supporting the NTU and our children!

mSGP FAQ’s – Some teaching


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Discretionary Funds: As per the NPS Office of the School Business Administrator this years Discretionary Funds will be delivered to schools on May 18th.


End of the Year Evaluations – If you disagree with your Annual Evaluation, it is important to write an appeal to NPS’s Evaluations Office and the Peer Oversight Committee.  Email your appeal to

Make sure you include all evidence you can provide that the evaluation is not an accurate representation of you!  NTU has put together some rebuttal tips


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NTU Hall of Fame Dinner - Our 20th Annual Albert Shanker Scholarship Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner on Wednesday, May 16 2018 at The Robert Treat Hotel, 50 Park Place, Newark, NJ at 6:30 p.m. is honoring the members for having survived one of the most expensive attacks on a teachers union in history.

Every school should be represented! Be proud of the work you’ve done and represent.  Go to our website to purchase tickets or ads.  It all goes to a worthy cause, scholarships for our children, our staff, and the students of Newark.