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NTU Updates

1) NJEA Convention - Newark's schools are closed for ten month school staff on November 7 and 8. You do not need to go the convention. You do not need to bring back proof. SCHOOL IS CLOSED! Central office is open these days.

2) Health Benefits Open Enrollment -  Several members have reached out to us asking how to get more information on the different benefit plans available during Open Enrollment.  While we do have a lot of resources available on our website, the district is still preparing a contribution calculator with the changes reflecting the 10/15 plan. NBOE's Benefits Portal will be

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In this issue:

1) Health Benefit Changes

2) Looking at your paycheck

3) Next week's Chapter 78 Action!

and more

On October 2, NBOE announced a huge posiitve change about our benefits!

We recently have conducted follow-up negotiations with Aetna and have secured the following on your behalf: 

  • $10 copay for Primary Care Physician (PCP) visit
  • $15 copay for Specialist Visit


Both copays were $20 and this will no longer be the case beginning on January 1, 2020.  Employees currently enrolled in Aetna PPO 20/20 will automatically be cross-walked to the new Aetna PPO 10/15 copay plan.   


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (973) 733-7336 or





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In This Issue!

1) Health and Wellness check up

2) How can I possibly do everything my administrator asks me to do in a day?

3) Professional Improvement Fund Deadlines

And More!


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In This Issue:

1) Contract in Perspective

2) School Schedules

3) Upcoming Workshops

4) And Much More


Upcoming Math and ELA curriculum workshops presented by NBOE at NTU on September 23 and 24.  Click for more information and to RSVP


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In this issue:

1) Upcoming Workshops

2) Grievance Policy

3) Compensation Update

And more!

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This week’s update is all about Payroll and Compensation. The first pay check of the year is out, and the phone has not stopped ringing at the NTU office.

If you have not received your salary increment, “cost of living” increase, coaching stipend or longevity, fill out the district’s Employee Inquiry Form:

1)       Credit where credit is due: Before we start, we do think it is important to thank Superintendent Roger León and the NBOE staff. This is by far the fastest we have ever seen staff get their salary increases, increments, cost of


Dear Colleagues,

Welcome Back! 

1)      Contract Update:  We are proud to be starting this school year off with a newly ratified contract!   94% of the NTU members who came out to vote and the full Newark Board of Education approved this contract.  Our voting process is based on the percentage of members who vote, not on a majority of the membership.  Take a look at your town, state, and national elections.  Winning is determined by a majority of the actual voters, not the number of eligible residents.

Now the focus is on implementing this contract.  We are currently working with NBOE to find out


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In this issue

1) Negotiations Update

2) EWA Stipend

3) How to stay informed over summer!

And More!