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NTU Updates

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome Back! 

1)      Contract Update:  We are proud to be starting this school year off with a newly ratified contract!   94% of the NTU members who came out to vote and the full Newark Board of Education approved this contract.  Our voting process is based on the percentage of members who vote, not on a majority of the membership.  Take a look at your town, state, and national elections.  Winning is determined by a majority of the actual voters, not the number of eligible residents.

Now the focus is on implementing this contract.  We are currently working with NBOE to find out


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In this issue

1) Negotiations Update

2) EWA Stipend

3) How to stay informed over summer!

And More!


A handful of important items:

  1. Take Action! Health Benefits and Pension
  2. Helping the community - Basic Math and a Good Deed
  3. Per Diem Sick Time FAQ's
1) Take Action! Health Benefits and Pension

Trenton is battling over the budget and the enemies of public employees are down there in full force. Help us tell your legislators:
* To say ‘No’ to increased health insurance contributions. Ch 78 is killing us!
* To say ‘No’ to weakening the pension system, ‘Yes’ to retirement with dignity.

You can help us and yourself by filling in this petition (it goes straight to your state legislators based

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In This Issue:

1) Pushing back against attack on pensions

2) NTU Legal Update

3) Member Benefits

And Much More


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In This Issue

1) Personal Day FAQ's

2) NTU Member Supply Swap

3) Evaluation Appeals

4) Non-Tenure Update

and more!


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In This Issue:

1) NTU Teacher Swap

2) Non Tenured Teacher Resources

3) No More Progressive Union Than the NTU...

4) Labor's response to NJ Pension Scheme

And More!!




1)      Teacher Appreciation Week

On behalf of the NTU, we would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation for your time and effort you put in each day, 185 days a year. Schools are busy places, and teachers are busy people, so it’s not surprising that sometimes we miss out on chances to stop and reflect upon the influence our teachers wield over the young people in their care. Often, it’s the little conversations, the easily-forgotten asides, the friendly smile or brief compliment that means the most to our teachers and staff. 

 So, thank you to all the teachers out there in Newark


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In this issue:

1) NTU Member Recognition

2) Kudos to Camden Street

3) MA/PhD Survey Update

4) Non Tenured teacher information



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1) Upcoming Workshops

2) Week of the Young Child

3) The beginning of reconstruction

And much more!


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In This Issue:

1) Contract Update - MA/PhD Survey

2) Membership Meeting

And More!