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NTU Updates


On behalf of the NTU Executive Board and Staff, we want to wish you all a restful Winter Recess.  It has already been a difficult year in many ways, and as always, our members wen above and beyond to meet those challenges.    Just a few quick updates:

  1. Contract Survey - We have received around 400 responses to our contract survey.  Negotiations are supposed to begin formally in January, and we will be having a membership meeting to update you soon after.  If there is one thing you do educationally during your break, FILL OUT THIS SURVEY!

  1. Upcoming Workshops!  On January 16th and 17th w

It was brought to our attention that Aetna has increased our health insurance premiums by 17.85%. We are meeting with NPS and the other union heads tomorrow to discuss this untimely increase further. It is important to note that this it wasn't a negotiated or negotiable change.   In fact, we warned the then state-operated school board and Superintendent about Aetna in 2016 (see below emails). Short term savings were promised, but as we said at the time, "we hesitate to trust any claim [being] made by the district [about this change]."

The district's choice of providers and what premiums they


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In this issue:

1) Another huge legal victory!

2) NTU Coat and Toy Drive

3) Scholarship opportunities

and much more


Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Chris Cerf and his charter school advocates have lost their bid to have seniority removed from each and every one of you.  This has been a long battle, and it is not yet over as the Cerf allies are still trying to destroy your right to have a strong Teacher's Union by filing these cases throughout the country hoping that they someday will arise to the United States Supreme Court. 

Please note that this litigation was aimed specifically at the strongest Teacher's Union in New Jersey, the Newark Teachers Union and we won!  Your seniority has been secured!

In Solidarity,



There are five major fines, lawsuits and federal investigations from previous administrations that could soon drain millions of dollars from the school district’s budget, according to Newark Public Schools Superintendent Roger León.

One fine alone that has gone unpaid for three years could cost $48 million -- at a minimum.


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In this issue:

1) Contract Update

2) Observation-Evaluation Tips—Competency 4

3) NTU Toy and Coat Drive

And much more


Newark teachers are due for a $2.5 million windfall this year, and hundreds more can expect hefty raises in the future, thanks to a new agreement between the district and the city teachers union.

Upon recommendation from the Newark Teachers Union Negotiations Committee and with the support of the NTU Executive Board, it is my honor and privilege to present to you the Memorandum of Agreement that settles the 2013 Grievances which arose out of the 2012 contract.

An Explanation of Settlement follows, but it requires a bit of background. In 2013, the NTU submitted various grievances against the then state-controlled Newark Public Schools. The process took two years of hearings and another two years waiting for a decision from the Arbitrator. That Opinion and Award came in 2017. Though

It has been brought to our attention that in the last few weeks, bulk emails that we have sent to NPS email addresses are not always being received by members.  We are working with NPS on resolving this issue. 

We ask that if you are not receiving NTU communications, send an email from your personal email address to so we can make sure you are being kept informed. 

Also regularly visit as all of our updates are posted there.


In this issue:

- Grievance/Contract Update

- Snow Day Update

- Prudential Center

- Food Drive