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In This Issue:

1) The Show Must Go on!

2) Membership Meeting Countdown

3) Meet our new NTU Reps

4) Member of the Week

5) In Defense of Public eductaion

6) Social worker Month

7) More Teaching/Less Testing


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Message from Dr. Reilly

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

This past weekend, Deputy Superintendent Johnson hosted the 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. I extend my congratulations to her and her team for providing this opportunity for current and aspiring women leaders of the district. Please note that recordings of the sessions will be shared within the next few weeks. I would also like to congratulate Assistant Superintendent Carolyn Granato, Director Marilyn Mitchell, and Director Mary Harvey for hosting the 1st Annual Special Education Conference and the 2nd Annual Office of


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BREAKING NEWS!   This story came out in Chalkbeat after press time.

Newark Teachers Union sues district over requests for convocation video, employee bonus pay!  The NTU is continuing to pursue legal action against the district in regards to Per Diem staff and retirees receiving "Let's Get to work" funds.  

In This Issue:

1) Mark your calendars!  May 6th membership meeting!

2) Non-Tenured Teacher Update

3) Important Notes regarding calendar and pay dates

4) NTU Retiree Chapter



What unions do


In AFT President Randi Weingarten’s latest New York Times  column, she describes what it is exactly that unions do. Though unions are the most popular they have been in decades, anti-union sentiment still thrives in red states and across the nation. “Several years ago, The Atlantic ran a story whose headline made even me, a labor leader, scratch my head: ‘Union Membership: Very Sexy,’” Weingarten writes in the column. “The gist was that higher wages, health benefits and job security—all associated with union membership—boost one’s chances of getting married. Belonging to a union doesn’t actually guarantee happily ever after, but it does help working people have a better life in the here and now.” Click through to read the full column.

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Message from the Deputy Superintendent

Dear Teachers and Instructional Staff,

Thank you to the hundreds of current and aspiring women leaders throughout the district who have registered for our 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. Please be reminded that the Pre-Conference In Person Networking Event on Friday, March 24, 2023 is open to a limited number of guests. 

The virtual Women’s Leadership Conference will take place on Saturday, March 25, 2023, beginning 9:00 AM with greetings from a panel of distinguished leaders and guests.

There is still time to regist


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In this issue:

In Loving Tribute, this issue is dedicated to the memory of Senator Ronald L. Rice

1) Evaluation Update

2) Pension Information

3) NTU Member of the week

4) NTU Bulletin Boards

And More

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