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Please post the attached flyer in your school!

Next Wednesday, the NTU and AFT will be having a meeting at Malcolm X. Shabazz High School to discuss Community Schools.

We invite anyone interested to know more about Community Schools to join us! It is important that NTU members and the community be involved in this process!

Malcolm X. Shabazz High School

80 Johnson Ave

Newark, NJ, 07108

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

4:15 PM

Mike Maillaro

Director of Research and Communication

Newark Teachers Union



Attached is a letter the Ed Law Center sent to the Commissioner of Education and the School Development Authority in regards to the high level of lead in our water.  We continue to monitor the situation and will report out anything that comes out of this.  



After serving as the prescription benefits provider for the Supplemental Fringe Benefits Fund (“SFB”)  for over 20 years, General Prescriptions Program, Inc. (“GPP”) has terminated its contract with the SFB.     As a result of GPP’s termination, BeneCard, Inc. will be installed in its place effective April 1, 2016.   Notwithstanding GPP’s termination,  we are continuing with our pending legal and grievance actions against the Newark Public Schools for their unilateral and improper selection of BeneCard, Inc.  and will keep you posted.  (We haven’t lost the case, the provider


Dear Colleagues,

1) Advisory Board Update – Carole A. Graves, past Newark Teachers Union President and Special Ed Teacher in the Newark Public Schools, has announced her candidacy for the Newark Public school Advisory Board election to be held April 19, 2016. Her campaign will be reaching out for volunteers.

2)      Water Update - No one is to drink or use any water from any NPS school, traditional or charter, until we hear from a reliable source that it's okay to do so. At this point, they simply cannot be trusted.  We are pushing for on-site lead testing of any student or staff member who


There is a water emergency issue at NPS schools. While EPA and the City Dept of Health work it out NTU members are to handle this situation calmly and as instructed by your administrators.

In a 911 we are here to assist not hinder. More info as it comes in.




Update: March 11:


NJ Spotlight released an article on Friday, March 11 questioning when the Newark Public Schools first new about this crisis based on documents we provided them.



Update: March 10:


It's obvious that under state control we cannot trust the district or state EPA for results over the lead contamination issue. They say only 30